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About us

Technical know-how,

affinity with the sector

What is our strength? We understand the issues that breeders, certification bodies, and Food & Agri companies face daily because we come from a practical setting. Agri Information Partners does not only use programmers but also many experienced experts with a scientific or practical background in your field of business.

A pragmatic work method and matter-of-fact attitude

We combine this with realistic targets, easily accessible contact persons, and frankness about what we can and cannot do. Agri Information Partners has a no-nonsense business culture and a pragmatic work method.

Our mission

To strengthen the management, processing and optimized use of information for breeding companies, companies in the Agri & Food sector and certification companies.

Our vision

Agri Information Partners is the market leader in IT for plant breeding companies. Furthermore, we hold a leading position in the certification and Agri & Food sector. We also will endeavor to deploy our unique combination of technical expertise and knowhow successfully abroad.

How it all started

2003 was the year of the big step towards self-employment for us. 4 colleagues worked at a company threatened with bureaucracy and a lack of focus. We thought: we have to get out of here, but how? Writing business plans and difficult conversations at the bank to get financing. Financing was possible but with stones as collateral. Dubbing, rewriting plans, talking to potential other financiers. Did we dare to take the step?

Our specialists

Joey van den Brink

Business consultant with great interest in the latest techniques and tools. Loves developing new mobile and web applications.
Responsible for infrastructure and security within Agri Information Partners.

Mark den Besten

Senior business consultant with extensive experience in functional analysis and project management. Mark is responsible for HRM and resource planning within the MT of Agri Information Partners.

Gert Arnold

A senior software engineer specialized in .NET. High quality is his standard. Lots of database experience.

Frank Leerink

Junior software engineer with a hospitality background. Interest in .NET and developing web applications.

Ad Ordelman

CEO. Active as Information Strategist for seed companies. Extensive experience.

Kevin Farrelly

Our software engineer with a broad interest in design and realization. Like to play a key role within our teams.

Do you also want to come and work with us?

Are you looking for an enriching work experience? Agri Information Partners offers the perfect opportunity. You will enjoy doing your job every day with challenging projects, support from dedicated colleagues, and a professional environment with room for personal growth!

Agri Information Partners professionals can improve and make processes more efficient worldwide with less backbone, low infrastructure costs, and specialized expertise that can be provided remotely. You are challenged to contribute to projects that make a real difference in the lives of farmers worldwide.