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Our Cases

Fresh Forward

"Quick insight into data using the E-Brida Datawarehouse"

What is needed to help the breeder better find his way in ever-increasing amounts of data? With that question, we went to visit Johan Willemsen of Fresh Forward ”Managing and quickly interpreting data is an absolute must and the Datawarehouse helps us do that.”

KWS Vegetables

''We are happy to have chosen E-Brida and we are confident that we will have a good cooperation with AIP''

Worldwide, about 150 people work for KWS Vegetables. ‘And in the coming years we will certainly continue to grow’ concludes Rik. A future-proof tool for managing all breeding activities supports these ambitions.


"Mercado has helped us to streamline our business processes and go 100% paperless"

Ball Horticulture Company is a family-owned, globally oriented business that operates in all facets of horticulture in 20 different countries all over the globe. The company – that started out in 1905 as a cut flower distributor– now comprises breeders, research and development teams, suppliers, and distribution companies all over the world, with its headquarters in West Chicago, Illinois.

Deroose Plants

"Deroose Plants starts using Mercado software worldwide"

Deroose plants and Agri Information Partners have signed contracts for the worldwide use of Mercado. The software supports managing and tracking the assortment and product life cycles of different varieties.

Our Customers

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