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Deroose Plants

Deroose plants and Agri Information Partners have signed contracts for the worldwide use of Mercado. The software supports managing and tracking the assortment and product life cycles of the different varieties. Within Deroose, it connects all departments, from breeding to sales, as well as all branches in China, Europe and North America. The advantage of Mercado is that distributors and customers can also be connected to collect and share data and photos of test varieties and production types at cultivation sites. This creates a single source of truth in which all relevant data can be recorded for assortment management.


Supermodern package

The Deroose team is enthusiastic to get started with this super-modern package. “As an innovator in the industry, we have a lot of new varieties in development. A good exchange between the teams, with affiliated breeders and planthunters, and customers is essential to make quick decisions.” The most important consideration was the expertise the Agri Information Partners team has in this area.

Agri Information Partners, of course, is also pleased with the confidence it has received. “Deroose is beautiful company with a lot of potential. We hope this is the first step in a long cooperation.”


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