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October 4, 2023

Agri Information Partners  Anniversary

Agri Information Partners 20th Anniversary at Circuit Zandvoort

After a fantastic weekend with our colleagues in April, we celebrated our 20th anniversary with our valued Dutch customers on October 4th. It was an extraordinary afternoon where we welcomed nearly 100 guests at Circuit Zandvoort. For us, this was a fitting location, as we have previously compared breeding with the quest for the best Formula 1 car.

It was an inspiring afternoon where speed and innovation went hand in hand. Jan Lammers shared valuable insights about the use of data in Formula 1. We virtually raced and attempted to change tires in the pitbox as quickly as possible.

Watch the after movie below.

Our sincere thanks go out to all our customers.

Of course, we won’t forget our international customers; we will show our appreciation to them in a different way. You will receive a surprise soon.

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