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1 augustus 2023

E-Brida version 7.0

E-Brida version 7.0 contains a lot of new functionality


E-Brida version 7.0 has been released. This version of E-Brida brings some new features worth mentioning.



The most eye-catching new feature is the Samples feature. This allows the creation of plot containers (with different dimensions) and sample container collections. The samples can then be analyzed in the lab. This could include marker analyses. But also, disease resistance can be recorded and fed back.

The lab results can be imported and added to the Samples. Specific filter criteria can be added via an overview to keep the seedlings with the correct markers and to discard other seedlings.


Sample API

A new API is also available. Through this Sample API, analysis results for the samples can be written back into E-Brida, without manual intervention. If you’d like to know more about this, please contact us.

Family Tree for Lines and CrossGroups


Another new feature is the family tree for lines and for CrossGroups. This increases the overview of your CrossGroups and lines.

Furthermore, E-Brida version 7.0 is now web-based. The creation of labels and reports is now also done via Web.

Furthermore, many new minor improvements have been made. The list is fully described in the release notes 7.0.


Using E-Brida version 7.0?

If you would like to use E-Brida version 7.0, please do not hesitate to contact the Support Desk. We will schedule the upgrade shortly so that you can get started with version 7.0.


Would you like to know more about E-Brida version 7.0?

A webinar is planned with E-Brida version 7.0 functionality on October 24th. If you want to participate, register via this link. Participation is free.