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May 1, 2024

E-Brida version 7.2

E-Brida version 7.2 introduces new functionalities for seed management and improvements to further support breeding processes.


By continuously enhancing and adding new features to E-Brida, we can better assist breeders throughout the breeding process.


In our latest version of E-Brida, version 7.2 from April 2024, we introduce a new module for seed stock management. The new seed functionalities enable users to efficiently manage seed stocks within E-Brida. Additionally, existing functionalities have been enhanced, resulting in time savings in both the hybrid crossing and backcrossing processes.

Efficient seed management

The new seed stock management module enables efficient management of seed stocks within E-Brida, bringing numerous benefits and possibilities such as:


  • Accurate overview of seed inventory, optimization, and traceability of seed stocks.
  • Ability to split and blend seed stocks.
  • Increased efficiency in trialing by quickly allocating materials to specific experiments.
  • And more!


Improved functionalities for the hybrid crossing process

In version 7.2, the functionality for reproducing hybrids has been significantly improved. E-Brida selects the appropriate material for the desired cross, saving users considerable time.


Improved functionalities for the backcrossing process

The selection of material for new backcrosses has also been enhanced in version 7.2. The new Backcross Planning feature simplifies this process by offering suitable material from the recurring parent group. As a result, users can quickly select the desired parents.

More information about E-Brida version 7.2

Additional information about E-Brida version 7.2, including system requirements, is available in the release notes. The release notes are accessible to users in our knowledge base.


Interested in using the latest version of E-Brida?

Please contact the Support Desk, and we will schedule the upgrade for you.


E-Brida webinars

We regularly organize webinars on new versions and functionalities of E-Brida for our users. The webinar on Wednesday, September 25, 2024 (16:30 CET), will specifically focus on Hybrid & Back crosses in this new version of E-Brida. Participation is free. Click on this link for an overview of all scheduled webinars and registration.

Not yet using E-Brida but interested in learning more?

Interested in discovering how E-Brida can improve breeding processes, collaboration, and decision-making? Schedule a demo with one of our consultants.