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6 maart 2023

Why Progeny Breeding has chosen E-Brida

Progeny Breeding

Colombia is the second largest chrysanthemum exporting country, with over 160 million euros of export value. Progeny Breeding is one of the leading companies in Chrysanthemum breeding. Recently the company chose to work with Agri Information Partners’ software solution, E-Brida. We are curious about the first experiences Esteban Falconi Ph.D. Research Director of Progeny Breeding, wants to share.


Where are your breeding sites for those who do not know the geophysics of Columbia?

Progeny Breeding has developed two breeding sites to breed varieties suited for Bogota Savannah and lower altitudes close to Medellin. The evaluation area is in “La Ceja,” the most significant production area in the country. Progeny Breeding’s varieties are known to have the best characteristics for the American, European, and Asian markets.

What is essential in your breeding operations?

As a plant breeding company, we permanently generate much information and we need to keep, in a very well-organized way, all the data collected in evaluations, trials, experiments, etc. It allows us to take advantage of these data with calculations and analyses that we need to perform all the time.

What made you decide to work with E-Brida?

The growth of the Company has driven us to make this wise decision. We must deal with bigger and bigger databases, and we realized that E-Brida could be the tool that we need to organize all this data and make it available to access and analyze it.


You are a new user of E-Brida. Can you describe the impact noticeable on your breeding operations? What is the most significant change you reckon?

Because E-Brida has developed an integrated system to collect the data directly from the field (using a simple device/cellphone), all these data are stored on our server. Even our images get stored in E-Brida . You can imagine that our amount of data is incredibly high. The significant advantage of using E-Brida is that every single data is associated with every Pedigree Item. Hence, data analyses and results come faster and are structured.

What is your idea of using the other software solution Mercado

At the moment we are not using Mercado because we focus on E-Brida.

What do you think of the cooperation of Agri Information Partners?

We received the appropriate training and a permanent accompaniment. So far, we have gotten timely attention and response. We are totally satisfied. Thank you, Esteban for your cooperation and openness! We think it’s a pleasure working with Progeny Breeding and certainly support your quote “Let’s watch the flowers grow!”. Good luck in the future!