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Our team

Stefan Meijs

Has a master’s degree in Plant Breeding & Genetics (WUR) and works as a Flutter app developer on the E-Brida and Mercado apps.

Jan Willem Kruize

Jan Willem Kruize studied at Wageningen University and obtained his Ph.D. in Information Technology in Agriculture. He worked as a Scientific Researcher in Information Management at Wageningen Economic Research and later as a Team Leader in Information Management Research & Development at Rijk Zwaan.

Since 2023, he has been working as a senior business consultant and is part of the management team at Agri Information Partners.

Mathieu Dijkman

Senior software engineer with many skills, including C# and SQL.

Rudie Ganzevles

Support specialist who provides clear answers. Continues to ask questions until he gets to the root of the problem. Communicates a lot with both programmers and consultants. Takes care of the knowledge base too.

Sandra Scherpenhuijsen-Barten

Marketing and marketing communication are Sandra’s field of work.

Rins van der Vegt

As senior software engineer Rins often takes the lead in our projects. His specialty: robust and on-time delivery.

Wouter van der Veeken

Enthusiastic consultant that will help you get the best out of your design or implementation project. Lots of experience.

Hajo Ruizendaal

Takes care of support and service to our customers. Installs and updates our application in cooperation with the customer. Provides our system management.

Poula Reinhoud

Business consultant with a vast experience in plantbreeding. Takes your care away while designing and implementing new (breeding) solutions.

Tessa Ravelli

Tessa is a junior software engineer within Agri Information Partners and is part of the product development team.

Rose-Marie Raanhuis

Roos takes care of the administration of Agri Information Partners. Pays a lot of attention to the details of the ups and downs of our company.

Evert Keuken

Advises seed companies on various management issues. Is convinced that there is always room for improvement.

Edwin Janssen

Business consultant met focus op toepassing van innovatieve technologie en hardware om het praktische werk van veredelaars zo efficient mogelijk te maken en betrouwbare data te produceren.

Wim Horstman

Business Consultant with focus on Supply Chain. Conceptual thinker who always makes the connection to the business results. A lot of experience in functional analysis and integration of systems.

Desirée Groeneveld

Software engineer who likes the combination of agriculture and information technology.

Eleni Drosou

As a commercial business consultant, Eleni is responsible for Mercado’s sales and marketing.

Nico Dros

Software engineer with strong craving for innovation and architecture discussions.

Tom van Buuren

Our senior software engineer that loves to be in touch with you as a customer. Your result is what makes his day.

Joey van den Brink

Business consultant with great interest in the latest techniques and tools. Loves developing new mobile and web applications.
Responsible for infrastructure and security within Agri Information Partners.

Mark den Besten

Senior business consultant with extensive experience in functional analysis and project management. Mark is responsible for HRM and resource planning within the MT of Agri Information Partners.

Gert Arnold

A senior software engineer specialized in .NET. High quality is his standard. Lots of database experience.

Frank Leerink

Junior software engineer with a hospitality background. Interest in .NET and developing web applications.

Ad Ordelman

CEO. Active as Information Strategist for seed companies. Extensive experience.

Kevin Farrelly

Our software engineer with a broad interest in design and realization. Like to play a key role within our teams.

Koen Hoogendoorn

Bio-informatician in heart and soul. Loves diving into large amounts of data to get to the bottom of biological problems.

Mark de Langen

He studied Biosystems Engineering at Wageningen University & Research Centre. As a Business Consultant, he aims to apply the knowledge gained during his study on IT in the agricultural sector.

Bas Vlug

Experienced software engineer with an eye for detail. Aspires to optimize the operation of the software. Hands-on mentality and ready to optimize processes!

Mike van Laar

Software engineer with a solution for every problem. Specialist in Javascript / .NET. Loves developing mobile- and web applications.

Patrick Rietveld

E-Brida consultant with a strong background in breeding and molecular markers. Designs and helps implement your breeding solution. Finished recently a post graduate education Plant Breeding.

Robert Rijksen

A fresh junior software engineer who graduated in Bioinformatics, interested in databases and innovations. Certainly up to date with the latest innovations.

Jaco Mateman

Makes sure your software is up-to-date en robust. Our senior software engineer and database goeroe.

Jelle Jacobsen

Software Engineer who likes developing web applications. Not afraid to work with the latest techniques and tools!

Bert Slijkhuis

A senior software engineer, specializes in solving complex issues. Likes building robust software.

Daniel van der Hoeven

Junior software engineer with a strong bioinformatics background. Aims at delivering high-quality and user-friendly software.

David Koolen

Has a lot of experience in modeling agricultural applications. Studied Agro Technology and has now started as a software engineer and business intelligence specialist.

Martijn van Paassen

I want to share my 25 years of practical experience in vegetable breeding and functional management of breeding systems. I can advise and guide you as a Business Consultant for E-Brida and Mercado.

Frank ter Horst

Allrounder. Works as a software engineer in projects and operates as a backup for our support activities.

Berno van der Geest

A well known person in  the seed industry. Our senior business consultant. Extensive experience. Product Manager E-Brida.

Gert Jan van Alem

COO. Responsible for the day-to-day operation of our organization. Involved in senior consultancy assignments.


Company dog Ted

Important role within Agri Information Partners. Responsible for Ted Talks.