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Our specialists

Joey van den Brink

Business consultant with great interest in the latest techniques and tools. Loves developing new mobile and web applications.
Responsible for infrastructure and security within Agri Information Partners.

Mark den Besten

Senior business consultant with extensive experience in functional analysis and project management. Mark is responsible for HRM and resource planning within the MT of Agri Information Partners.

Gert Arnold

A senior software engineer specialized in .NET. High quality is his standard. Lots of database experience.

Frank Leerink

Junior software engineer with a hospitality background. Interest in .NET and developing web applications.

Ad Ordelman

CEO. Active as Information Strategist for seed companies. Extensive experience.

Kevin Farrelly

Our software engineer with a broad interest in design and realization. Like to play a key role within our teams.

Koen Hoogendoorn

Bio-informatician in heart and soul. Loves diving into large amounts of data to get to the bottom of biological problems.

Mark de Langen

He studied Biosystems Engineering at Wageningen University & Research Centre. As a Business Consultant, he aims to apply the knowledge gained during his study on IT in the agricultural sector.

Bas Vlug

Experienced software engineer with an eye for detail. Aspires to optimize the operation of the software. Hands-on mentality and ready to optimize processes!

Mike van Laar

Software engineer with a solution for every problem. Specialist in Javascript / .NET. Loves developing mobile- and web applications.