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For the automation of its breeding activities, Bejo has opted for the breeding software E-Brida from Agri Information Partners (AIP). On February 16, Bejo and AIP signed the contract for the implementation of E-Brida.

Bejo has assessed a number of potential solutions in a structured selection process and ultimately chose for E-Brida. “We have not only chosen the best software, but also a reliable partner” says Peter Dekker from Bejo.

E-Brida will gradually replace Bejo’s current custom system in the coming years. E-Brida is the solution that will enable Bejo’s breeders to manage the entire operational process of breeding. In addition, E-Brida is an integral platform with which connections to external data sources and analysis tools are made. Links with automated phenotyping systems, drone phenotyping, laboratory systems (LIMS) and analysis and prediction models are some examples of this.

Bejo leading in vegetable seeds

Bejo is a leading company in breeding, production, and sales of vegetable seeds. With operations in more than 30 countries. An internationally oriented family business. 1,900 employees are dedicated to developing the best vegetable varieties for the present and the future.

Agri Information Partners from Wageningen is the company behind the product E-Brida, which is now used in more than 70 breeding companies worldwide. This is achieved by a team of 35 employees who distinguish themselves with knowledge of and focus on the global breeding market. “The knowledge and culture of the sector are important values for us. Not only do we supply software, but we also ensure that an information system is successfully implemented. Characteristic of our approach is that we personally guide the process with a lot of attention for the change component within a company” says commercial director Ad Ordelman.


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