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Support desk

Agri Information Partners
Agro Business Park 67

6708 PV Wageningen

The Netherlands

T +31 (0) 317 471 333

Knowledge Base

Where should I start?

Look at the category “Practical Information

How can I find articles related to topic I want?

The search field (with the binocular logo) will populate articles that contains the search terms you fill in. Check it out! It is very useful ?

How do I know which are the new articles?

The new articles are listed here.

What if I can’t find the information I am looking for in the knowledge base?

We are glad to enrich the Knowledge Base with topics that you are interested about. Submit a ticket and specify the topics you would like to have an article about. And if you find an article interesting use the Like button at the bottom. Same goes with the dislike button when you were not satisfied, and let us know why you aren’t ?.

To the knowledge base

My tickets


How do I submit a ticket?

Login the service desk and open the “Add Tickets”.

How do I know the status of my ticket?

Login the service desk and open the “My Tickets”. There is the list of your issues. They are classified per status: Open, On Hold (when being processed), Closed.

Who is taking care to reply to my tickets?

The ticket is dispatched to our own business consultant. You are secure to get an expert answer on the issue. We are taking care of the tickets every working day during office hours.

Add tickets

Service Desk is your partner for your application knowledge and issues!

Knowledge Base will give you documents to discover, or rediscover, about the application. New articles will be added regularly.

The issues are captured and managed under my tickets. Tickets are processed every working day during office hours (European time).

How do I access to the Service Desk?

You can login (preferably with Chrome) and enter your credentials

How can I get an account for the service desk?

It is simple, place a request for an account. You should receive your credentials within no time.

Who can get an account?

Any E-Brida or Mercado user can get an account to access the Service Desk.

I lost my credentials, and now?

We will help you, send a message to We will send you your credentials