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The IT specialist for plantbreeders

Agri Information Partners is the IT specialist for breeding companies, companies in the Agri & Food sector and certification companies. We help these companies organize key processes in a more efficient, simpler and smarter way.

Based on thorough and up-to-date knowledge of agricultural matters and specific business processes, information concepts are devised and developed together with the customer.

AIP’s agricultural knowledge contributes to the purposeful development of valuable information systems, whereby the appreciation of customers lies mainly in AIP’s no-nonsense approach. Modern methods and techniques are used in software development.

Business consultancy

We offer business concultanty in the agri sector. The needs of seed breeding companies differ from those of certification bodies. Cattle breeders operate in a different market than fruit suppliers. Agri Information Partners believes that you can only develop good software when you know the sector. You need to know how work processes are organized, what the challenges are and where opportunities can be found.

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Software engineering

Agri Information develops customized software. We do this mainly for national and international market players. These systems are tailored to the smallest detail of your business processes. This results in an enormous efficiency profit, especially when applied on a large scale.

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