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Essential software for product management and variety testing in the breeding industry. Mercado provides comprehensive overviews of varieties and trials.

Variety File

Keep track of all information about your varieties and present the alternatives for it. Per variety, you can store all kinds of data.

Variety Trial

Gain more insights by trialing within Mercado. The user-friendly app allows you to register observations online and offline from any location.

Variety File


Here you store and maintain all your varieties. Keep track of all information about your varieties and present the alternatives for it. Per variety you can store all kind of data: from pictures to colors and from stem length to customer experience.

Making reports or your yearly catalogue is easier than ever before. With the templates you like you can create customized catalogues for each customer segment you want. Always up to date.

As a single source of truth, Mercado Variety File is the place for each employee to look up variety information, status or pictures. Some people can only see information, other people can also change it.

  • All information at one location
  • Easy to create reports or catalogues
  • Link alternative varieties
  • Attach relevant documents

Mercado brings countless benefits

Easily view your varieties.

With your phone, tablet, or laptop, online and offline

The Mercado app is a powerful tool that helps breeders view, monitor and assess their performance in the (pre)commercial trials. Whether you have salespeople, product managers, or growers, everyone can add observations online and offline via the app.

Tracking trials becomes easy as you can organize and monitor your trials by region, market segment, or variety. Score the tests with the characteristics you define yourself and substantiate your findings with photos.

  • Link photos to observations automatically
  • Available in the app store
  • For Android and iPhone
  • Scanning barcodes and RFID chip
  • offline and online
  • Friendly User Interface
  • Speed up your observations
  • Show context information
  • One central place for data analysis
  • One single source of truth

Variety Trialing

With your varieties you can create Trials in which you gain more knowledge about your products. How does a certain variety behave in different regions of the world? How does customers score a certain property of the products? One can gain more insight in these questions by trialing within Mercado.

The Trial module is connected with the Mercado app. On the app, app users can make observations that are synced with Mercado when internet connection is available.

The Trial data is presented and can be filtered or sorted like you want. Now you are able to only see the data you really need at the moment.

  • More knowledge about your products
  • Real life product feedback
  • Support R&D
  • Always insight in your Trial data
  • Always insight in your observation rounds

Showcase your varieties directly to your clients!

Showcase your varieties in an appealing website. You are able to create different views for different users to appeal to for example salespeople, growers, or breeders.

  • Appealing website for your varieties
  • Manage who can see what
  • Store all information in 1 location

Additional functionalities
promote usability

Compare varieties

Variety Compare helps you to get all the information together. All features of variations, photos and alternatives on one screen for that final decision.


Auto-generate catalog in PDF.

As easy as it is to generate reports with your templates, as easy it is to generate the whole company catalog as well. Just create a template based on the existing catalogue. You now only have to select which varieties are taken into account, and your catalog will be generated in no time.


Product Life Cycle codes (PLC’s)

Product management is often referred to as the art of product life cycle management. It is about developing and managing products within a company. Mercado facilitates PLC management.


Multi language

Breeding companies operate generally internationally. To provide the (international) customers the proper information, the variety information can be provided in many languages. This includes non-Latin Alphabet languages like Chinese (美丽的植物) or Russian (красивое растение).

Translations can be automatically included in catalogues, websites, and views.


Create dashboards

Our tools are integrated with all BI tools on the market. You are in charge of your dashboards and reports. Select your view from the list, and there you go. Always access your customized overview with up to date data. Did your colleague promote that one variety yesterday? Today it is part of your dashboard. Share that information that makes sense to you.


Search and filter

Searching is easy, but not very powerful if you are looking for varieties with specific features. That’s where the filter comes in. While preparing a customer visit, you can configure and save a filter. During the customer visit, just apply the filter, and the desired varieties will be shown.


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