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Business Consultancy

Our consultants are translators, contact persons, and project managers.

Our business consultants have a scientific or practical background in breeding, Agri & Food or certification. At the same time, they have extensive knowledge of information technology. As a result, they can translate your ideas into the language of our software developers. Furthermore, our business consultants also function as project managers in our development and implementation processes. They are the people you can contact; they monitor your progress and process your feedback.


Would you like to brainstorm with a professional consultant?

How can IT support your work processes? What is the best solution for mobile data registration in your company? Our consultants would like to have a good discussion with you regarding issues in the field of information technology.

They preceded you

''The collaboration just runs very smoothly.''

The MPS Group globally facilitates horticultural entrepreneurs in the process of making their ambitions sustainable. MPS helps them obtain insight into the quality and sustainability of their products through innovative (online) tools and certification schemes.

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“We have not only chosen the best software, but also a reliable partner”

Bejo has assessed a number of potential solutions in a structured selection process and ultimately chose for E-Brida. “We have not only chosen the best software, but also a reliable partner” says Peter Dekker from Bejo.

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"It is definitely a positive step forward. To me, the Cross Designer is a massive step forward. It has far exceeded my expectations"

Patrick Rietveld, E-Brida consultant at Agri Information Partners with a strong background in breeding and molecular markers,  recently visited Michael D. Ferguson at the Innovations Center of John I. Haas Hops breeding in Yakima, Washington. Michael is Director of hops breeding at John I. Haas. During the visit, Patrick helped Michael by reviewing his process and introducing him to  the latest features of  the E-Brida breeding software. We interviewed Michael about his experiences with E-Brida and Agri Information Partners so far. 

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"All trial data is now in 1 place"

How does intensive cooperation with breeding companies bear fruit? And what could be improved? Ad Ordelman of Agri Information Partners talked to Frank van Kampen of Pop Vriend Seeds about the breeding software E-Brida. “I think it’s great that all the trial data are now in one place,” he says.

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"Quick insight into data using the E-Brida Datawarehouse"

What is needed to help the breeder better find his way in ever-increasing amounts of data? With that question, we went to visit Johan Willemsen of Fresh Forward ”Managing and quickly interpreting data is an absolute must and the Datawarehouse helps us do that.”

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Do you have questions, ideas, or comments about Mercado, E-Brida, or our services?

Our team, with knowledge and experience within the agricultural sector is happy to think along with you.


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