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Fresh Forward on the E-Brida DataWareHouse

What does it take to help the breeder find his way even better in ever-increasing amounts of data? With that question, we went to visit Johan Willemsen of Fresh Forward ”Managing and quickly interpreting data is an absolute must and the Datawarehouse helps us do that.”

Fresh Forward is a breeding company with over 25 employees located in Huissen. The company focuses on the breeding of Strawberries and since a few years also apples. There are good ties with the Wageningen University & Research Centre.

Johan Willemsen has worked at Fresh Forward for almost four years as a Bioinformatician and supports the breeding team by performing data analyses. He is also responsible for the design and analysis of molecular markers. He continuously needs a huge amount of data to make the right decisions for the intensive breeding process of “his” strawberries and apples.

There is a lot of remodeling going on at Fresh Forward’s new facility. And so Johan takes us straight into the greenhouses. Johan turns out to be an enthusiastic storyteller with heart for his profession! Many tests are carried out with the various seedlings and selections and the amount of data recorded is enormous. The control of these trials is done from E-Brida. And since eighteen months, E-Brida’s Datawarehouse has also been used to report trial data to the breeder”.

Johan is an enthusiastic user of the Datawarehouse. It appears to play a central role in the selection process. With the many trials in the greenhouse and in Spain scoring for many traits, a large amount of essential trial data is constantly becoming available. “Although the breeding process will always be human work, managing and quickly interpreting data is an absolute must,” Johan continues.

Visualization gives overview

What is essential for him is that the Datawarehouse gives him a much faster overview of the period between measurements of the tests. Making the right selections thus leads to considerable time savings for him. It is especially the visualization and associated graphs of the research results that provide more insight. “You grab a trial, you visualize a trial and you have an instant overview. Comparison of study results is accomplished at the touch of a button”. Using a power Bi report, which is linked to the data warehouse, you can immediately see how a disease trial is running, for example, and gain insight into which cross parents are causing resistance. This report can then also be easily shared within the organization.

Fresh Forward has a long-term relationship with AIP in which Johan has been working with the people at AIP for the last 1.5 years. A process where we learn from each other and work together to support the users of E-Brida and the DatawareHouse even better.

Thank you for your hospitality and time, Johan!


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