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January 15th, 2024

Introducing Jan Willem Kruize

Introducing Jan Willem Kruize


Over the past 20 years, Agri Information Partners has steadily grown, both in size and expertise. In 2023, we continued  strengthening our team with several experienced and passionate professionals.

In December 2023, Jan Willem Kruize joined Agri Information Partners as Business Consultant in the commercial team and member of the management team.


“I have known AIP for many years. It is a wonderful company where people are given a lot of responsibility and the necessary freedom to operate. Additionally, they have an interesting group of clients, skilled employees, and excellent products for the breeding industry with E-Brida and Mercado. AIP provides products and services that fit my background.

I truly enjoy working in IT and ensuring that IT meets the needs of the agricultural sector, specifically for breeding companies. As this is the core of AIP, making the shift and working for a wider group of companies and supporting them with their IT challenges feels like a natural progression, and I am looking forward to advancing my career here.”

About Jan Willem

Jan Willem has extensive experience in the agricultural sector. He grew up on his parents’ tulip farm and earned a Ph.D. in Data sharing and IT System Integration from Wageningen University. Additionally, he worked as a researcher at Wageningen Economic Research.

For the past five years Jan Willem held a position at an international company specializing in vegetable breeding. There, he managed an IT team supporting international research and development. Although he closely collaborated with Agri Information Partners during this period, his involvement with the company began much earlier. In 2009, he successfully completed an internship on ERP systems commissioned by AIP.

Looking ahead, Jan Willem looks forward to meeting new people, assisting them with their IT challenges, and providing solutions tailored to their needs. He will focus on delivering new services and building sustainable relationships. With his enthusiasm and experience, Jan Willem becomes a valuable addition to the management team, contributing to the further strengthening of Agri Information Partners.

With the addition of fresh talent to our team, we are confident that we can continue to offer excellent services and solutions to our valued customers in the future. Furthermore, we remain committed to our independence and strive for the ongoing success of our business and clients.

We warmly welcome Jan Willem to Agri Information Partners and look forward to a successful collaboration.

Additionally, we want to express our gratitude to our esteemed partner Rijk Zwaan for the positive discussion regarding Jan Willem’s transition to Agri Information Partners.