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January 15th, 2024

5 milestones of 2023




5 milestones of 2023

A Retrospective of a Wonderful Year and Exciting prospects for 2024

The festive season has recently concluded, and we hope that everyone enjoyed a delightful time with their loved ones. For us, this festive period served as a moment to reflect. Let us take you on a journey through the remarkable milestones of 2023.

Of course, we also look ahead. 2024 promises to be a fantastic year. Why? New custom software development projects and consultancy assignments for existing and new clients. A promising roadmap for the development of E-Brida and Mercado. Exciting events on the agenda. With the expansion of our team, we are optimistic about the future!

These are the 5 milestones of 2023 that we are incredibly proud of!



1. 20 year anniversary  Agri Information Partners

Agri Information Partners emerged two decades ago from a strategic restart. Gert-Jan, Ad, Berno, and Johan decided to persevere when their former employer ceased operations.

After two decades, with a growing team, successful custom software projects, consultancy assignments, and the introduction of two software products, E-Brida and Mercado, into our portfolio, we proudly celebrated our 20th anniversary. We did this entirely in Formula 1 style. Did you miss the after movie of our customer event in honor of the 20th anniversary? Watch it here.

We look forward to the future, where we will celebrate numerous milestones with both colleagues and clients!”

2. Team expansion

Our team stands as a source of pride, a resilient support system during both favourable and challenging times. In these dynamic times, we are delighted to have welcomed new colleagues who share our passion for agriculture and contribute expertise in information management, breeding, and software development. With a team now comprising 39 members, we ensure robust support and successful projects. In 2023, we welcomed, Frank Leerink, Tessa Ravelli, Eleni Drosou, Edwin Janssen, Mathieu Dijkman, Sandra Scherpenhuijsen-Barten and Jan-Willem Kruize.

3. E-Brida developments

In 2023, we released new E-Brida features such as Samples and Sample API, the Family Tree for lines, and for Cross groups. We introduced experimental designs, offering a novel approach to trail design through various randomized methods. Responding to popular demand, the Static Pedigree Tree has been reintroduced in E-Brida Web. Our developers are actively working on the continuous development of E-Brida. New releases will be announced through news articles on our website. LinkedIn company page and our newsletter.

4. Mercado developments

In 2023, we finalized the E-Brida Mercado integration V2, incorporated options for bulk photo downloads, and numerous other improvements. It is a wonderful compliment that an increasing number of product teams from breeding and production companies are choosing Mercado. For those who are not yet familiar with Mercado, we invite you to learn more through the webinars we have planned for 2024.

5. Engaging conversations at memorable events

After uncertain times marked by multiple lockdowns, 2023 brought newfound freedom. We had the pleasure of attending fantastic events, including IPM in Essen, ASTA: Vegetable & Flower Seed Conference, The ISF World Seed Congress in Cape Town, ESA Euroseeds, Fruit Logistica in Berlin, Fruit Attraction in Madrid, and many more. Meeting new people and connecting with our E-Brida and Mercado users worldwide was a highlight. And come 2024, we’ll be going out on the field regularly!

As we reflect on the past, we also look forward towards the future! 2024 holds the promise of another beautiful year, marked by our commitment to various custom software projects and ongoing developments for E-Brida and Mercado. Throughout the year, we eagerly anticipate hosting webinars for users and those interested, and we sincerely hope to meet you at various international events in the coming year.


2024 promises to be a wonderful year. We hope to encounter you during one of our webinars or at one of the numerous events we will be attending.